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Enable and fix HTMLlint violations
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In the .htmllintrc.json file, enable all rules below the blank line and fix all violations for each rule.

  • id-class-style
  • tag-bans
  • attr-bans
  • tag-close

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But to enable these rules is necessary to know which options you want, check htmllint options. tag-close is the only which works when I set to true.

Executing with:

	"indent-style": "spaces",
	"raw-ignore-regex": "({% .*? %}|{{.*?}})[ \t]*",
	"label-req-for": false,
	"line-end-style": false,
	"text-ignore-regex": "(=>|<!--|-->)",

	"id-class-style": false,
	"tag-bans": false,
	"attr-bans": false,
	"tag-close": true

I get:

>> encountered 1252 errors in total
>> 36 file(s) had lint error out of 76 file(s). (skipped 0 files)
Warning: Task "htmllint:src" failed. Use --force to continue.