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Pdf rendering does not scale images according to inline px size
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Author: grysmith

Pdf rendering loads image files at original size without regard to guidelines suggested by author in inline PX statement in wikitext, this means that size limitations for storage, can affect rendering quality and Formatting of page.

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Severity: enhancement



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development wrote:

Could you please supply an example article where this goes "wrong" (please also indicate which images are affected).

grysmith wrote:

Sure, here goes

Try E. Smith/Testpage

You can see that it accepts the base document size with no problem

Reduces it to a smaller size, but refuses to expand it to a larger size

Of course I am exagerating this version to the point where it is blurry and all the mistakes in the original image are visible, but I think that it should be the Authors choice whether or not to expand an illustration or picture, and how much.

You might for instance want a blurry picture, to illustrate a point.

If you look at this file in Wikilanguage the third version nearly fills the screen, but in PDF it is almost exactly the same size as the original. The point I am trying to make is that for storage reasons pictures of a certain size are allowed at creative commons, but for display purposes you might want something a little larger, even if you have to sacrifice some quality to get it.

I hope this helps.

development wrote:

Ok, now I know what you are talking about.
In principle the PDF render uses the width/height information if present. The problem you are experiencing is that there is a minimum resolution at which images are rendered. Since the image in your example has a low resolution it does not get scaled up if you set the width to 800 pixels. If you use a higher resolution image you should get the expected result.

The minimum resolution is present, since I believe low resolution images should not be scaled up to much since this looks ugly in a PDF. Since the minimum resolution is a global setting for a wiki I would not really want to lower it.

Therefore I am closing this bug. If you think its a big issue please reopen.