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Cannot work while logged in.
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Author: timwi

Originally submitted by Nobody/Anonymous - nobody 2004-07-06 03:51

Ever since the new software, I cannot work while logged
in. I am able to log in, but after I do so - pages refuse
to load. To be precise: they take forever to load, and
never actually finish loading. However, when I am not
logged in, pages load immediately with no problems

I reported this on "Village Pump" already (no solution,
but one other person said the same thing was happening
to them). I also just now found out that (it seems) this
is the proper place to report software bugs. Would be
grateful if anyone help solve the problem. -- Dovi --

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Date: 2004-07-07 23:51
Sender: SF user iammaxus

I would suggest clearing your cache and cookies. In
internet explorer, tools | internet options | then something

like delete temp files and cookes

Date: 2004-07-29 08:27
Sender: SF user vibber

Can't reproduce; not very clear what the problem is. Lowering


Date: 2004-08-16 08:03
Sender: SF user timwi

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Severity: normal



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