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Printable view links to &printable=yes&printable=yes...
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Author: chkno

This patch omits the 'printable version' link on the printable version. It fixes the problem in a default install, but includes/Skin.php and skins/disabled/MonoBookCBT.php may also need attention.

I noticed Googlebot indexing "/wiki/index.php?title=Foo&printable=yes&printable=yes"

Printable page URLs are constructed by adding &printable=yes to the current link.
The printable-version link on a printable page just adds another &printable=yes,
and that page adds another, and so on, indefinitely. The printable-version link
on a printable-version page isn't visible in the browser, but it's in the document.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: minor




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