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Special:Recentchanges: Link that adds &from= to URL discards &limit= and vice-versa
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Author: xmlizer

when you choose to click on <tt>from</tt> some date, you loose the parameter
value of the <tt>limit</tt>
But I have to mention that it works fine now with <tt>hideminor</tt>,
<tt>hidelio</tt> and <tt>hidebots</tt>

In fact, it looks like
<tt>hideminor</tt>, <tt>hidelio</tt> and <tt>hidebots</tt> are common options
together with <tt>limit</tt>
that <tt>from</tt> and <tt>days</tt> are mutually exclusive

PS: it works when you set it by hand

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The 'from' link no longer discards the limit value. (There still would be a
limit anyway, it just went to the default which is typically a tiny 50.)

Selecting a limit or day discards the from value, since you're asking for
something more specific.

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