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consider on-wiki solutions to temporarily lifting account creation caps
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Seeing as how one of the most common requests requiring the editing of configuration files (AFAICS) is to temporarily raise account-creation limits for various kinds of edit-a-thons, etc., should "we" (IANA dev) consider whether it is possible to provide an on-wiki solution to handling such requests?

Depending on how it is implemented, the most obvious possible benefit to doing this on-wiki would be that requests could be fulfilled almost immediately (presumably), instead of requiring a generous lead-time of "at least a week" (which "nobody" knows about until they make such a request too late).

Is it even possible to do this on-wiki? How could it be done?

Has this already been discussed in another Phabricator task? (If so, I didn't find it.)

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I know very little about the possible ways this could be done, but off the top of my head:

Would it be possible to create a new type of user who could, through an on-wiki form, specify the requisite information (how many accounts, IP address(es), time limit) and then have the software make whatever changes are necessary?

Of course, this would require writing a great deal of supporting code, and I don't know whether potential security risks would outweigh the "convenience" benefits of such an approach.

Also, I'm not sure which Phabricator projects/tags would be appropriate here, so I'll "let" someone else who knows more than I do make that decision.