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Please install Extension:DynamicPageList on strategywiki
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Please install this extension to; many thanks, as always

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We've found another way to do this. No install needed.

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

We've found another way to do this. No install needed.

Mind letting us know what that is? There are numerous wikis waiting to have DPL installed which may be able to use the same method.

We're adding the pages that we want listed to categories using HotCat and then getting dynamic list with code like:

Proposals for Foundation structure and function

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for Foundation structure and function</categorytree>

Proposals for reforming policy and governance

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for reforming policy and governance</categorytree>

Proposals for strategic planning

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for strategic planning</categorytree>

Proposals for advertising and outreach

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for advertising and outreach</categorytree>

Proposals for improving content

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for improving content</categorytree>

Proposals for improving usability

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for improving usability</categorytree>

Proposals for volunteer support

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for volunteer support</categorytree>

Proposals to enable existing features

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals to enable existing features</categorytree>

Proposals for new features

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for new features</categorytree>

Proposals for new languages

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for new languages</categorytree>

Proposals for new projects

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for new projects</categorytree>

Proposals for supporting other communities

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals for supporting other communities</categorytree>

Uncategorized proposals

Add one of the subcategories of [[:Category:Proposals]]
<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Uncategorized proposals</categorytree>

Proposals requiring attention/day

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on">Proposals requiring attention</categorytree>

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Product -> Wikimedia
Component -> Site requests

Our sitution has now changed and we are being asked to provide this extension. Thank you.