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Probable misinterpretation of character code
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Author: p.demagistris

Studying "Naive set theory" I've noticed that the symbol
usually adopted to mean : "item x belongs to set A" which
should resemble x C A (where I used C since I cannot draw
how it actually is, but imagine a semi-circle open to the
right with an horizontal - in the middle)is instead
represented on my screen by a small closed square. Since
the symbols used for Union of sets or intersection of sets
are those always used, I suspect that my computer uses a
set of characters' codes different from Yours. Have I got
the real reason? Thanks a lot, Paolo de Magistris,Italy.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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timwi wrote:

Please provide the code you entered when reporting problems. The code for the
"is in this set" symbol is "\in". Union and intersection, I think, are "\cup"
and "\cap", respectively.


Can the original reporter provide more information please?

zigger wrote:

Resolving as invalid, due to lack of information despite requests ten and eight
months ago. Please re-open when more details are provided.