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Wiki forgets about an uploaded file
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Bidgee came to #wikimedia-tech asking about uploaded 16 July 2009. Accordingly, the file had been there on upload. But now the page doesn't show any trace of having had a file: No file at the page, no log entry...
However, the file is present at the expected location

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herd wrote:

Also: from #wikimedia-tech freenode2009-07-15.log ->

The images missing on commons were uploaded the 14 and 17 of July, in the middle of the fun of changing image servers. It shouldn't have affected the database entries, but ofiit's probably related.
en:File:Braid-dk.jpg could be related to January 18 copying from ms1 to ms4. There were deadlocks of db16 and db17 around that time, but the s1 master would have been db2.

Abigor wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 24978 ***

How is this a duplicate exactly? There's almost a year in between. The symptoms look the same, but without knowing the exact cause of both bugs you don't know if these are duplicates.

I consider both to be the same. The bug has been there since r23023 and has been fixed in r72021.

This reduces the issues to bug 15430.