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Special:RecentChanges RSS feed ignores namespace
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On Special:RecentChanges, the parameter "namespace" filters the results. However, when feed=rss is used, the namespace parameter is ignored.

Bug is present in 1.16alpha-wmf (r59133) on Wikipedia, as well as 1.15.1.

Case study:

Uses namespace:

Ignores namespace (bug):

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: normal



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In contrast, Special:NewPages respects the "namespace" parameter for RSS. wrote:

Patch for adding namespace value to the cache key used for recent changes RSS.

The difference is that Special:NewPages always generates a feed; Special:RecentChanges uses the ChangesFeed class, which caches its results. If you alter the feedSetup() function to include the namespace parameter, the cache will then return you the results from whatever namespace you first hit, for the cache validity period, even when you have changed the namespace parameter. To work around _that_, we add the namespace value to the cache key.

Attached is a patch for this issue. I can't see any reason why using namespace as a cache parameter is a bad thing, so if anyone could weigh in here, please do.

Attached: wrote:

Looks good to me, but RSS and caching are not my strong suits. wrote:

Committed in r60163.

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