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LiquidThreads "start a new discussion" jumps down too far
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Author: avarab

When I click "Start a new discussion" I'm auto-panned vertically to the middle of the text entry box, instead I should be panned with the topmost element on the page being the Subject: box.

Screenshot attached showing the problem.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux



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avarab wrote:

Showing where Chrome auto-pans, Firefox will pan to the same place


auto-pan-chrome.png (800×1 px, 220 KB)

Bug summary: "Start a new discussion -> Pan pans too far on Firefox/Chrome on Linux" --> "LiquidThreads "start a new discussion" jumps down too far"

Is this bug still current? I believe that I may have made changes since, but I'm not entirely sure.

Yes. Just tested with Safari/4.0.4/Mac and Firefox/3.5.7/Mac using

It seems like it's based on the window size. It only exhibits the bad jumping behavior if the window is smaller.

avarab wrote:

I can no longer reproduce it, but I've also upgraded Chrome in the meantime. So perhaps it was a bug in their webkit that got fixed.

I can't make the editing box that large either (tried prefs -> editing -> size).

The editing box will be improved in a future version, it's in the process of beige redesigned.