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Pie chart rendering failure on Chrome/Android
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See File:Screenshot pie graph error mobile.png on Commons

The pie chart at enwp English_language#Pluricentric_English doesn't get drawn correctly on my mobile device. Code that generated the chart is:

{{Pie chart
|caption=Pie chart showing the percentage of native English speakers living in "inner circle" English-speaking countries. Native speakers are now substantially outnumbered worldwide by second-language speakers of English (not counted in this chart).
|value1={{#expr:231/359*100 round 1}}
|value2={{#expr:60/359*100 round 1}}
|value3={{#expr:19/359*100 round 1}}
|value4={{#expr:17/359*100 round 1}}
|value5={{#expr:4.8/359*100 round 1}}
|label5=South Africa
|value6={{#expr:3.8/359*100 round 1}}
|value7={{#expr:3.7/359*100 round 1}}
|label7=New Zealand

I'm using Chrome for Android version 78.0.3904.96

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Hi @Brianhe, thanks for taking the time to report this! I cannot reproduce this problem when using Chromium version 78.0.3904.108 and going to the mobile page on my desktop machine (not Android).

It seems like this is a software bug in Chrome for Android, so please report this issue to the Chrome developers so they can fix Chrome for Android.
Closing as invalid here as I don't see anything that can be fixed in code controlled by Wikimedia.