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Description page and upload summary are blank
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I just tried to upload a file on Commons and I encountered a rather annoying issue. I filled in many fields on the upload page, but the file description page and upload summary are blank.

Steps to reproduce:

  • enable the mwEmbed gadget on Commons
  • go to Special:Upload
  • fill in some of the fields (I filled in Original source, Author, Date, Description, Additional info, Licensing and Categories)
  • upload

Current behaviour:

  • The description page and upload summary are blank.

Expected behaviour:

  • The description page and upload summary should be the same as for an upload without the mwEmbed gadget enabled (i.e. the information entered into the fields should be added as parameters of the {{information}} template, section headings should be added, as well as the license and categories).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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mdale wrote:

that does sound annoying... looks like the upload.js was not cooperating with the upload code re-factor:
Fix submitted in: r60706

Can be seen working in this test "working" upload:

Subsequently pushed out to prototype. ( shift reload using gadget should get commons.js form script output )

A similar issue is happening again. The information template is all that's being displayed. Section headers & the license template are being stripped during the upload. This doesn't happen when the mwEmbed gadget is disabled.

Firefogg is no longer supported/developed under the Wikimedia umbrella, hence closing this ticket as WONTFIX for the scope of Wikimedia.
In the Wikimedia software architecture, Firefogg has been mostly superseded by .

If the problem reported here is still reproducible in Firefogg, please feel free to file a report under where current Firefogg development is located.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and that this report was not investigated in a timely manner back when it was filed. Thanks for your understanding.