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Group lexemes that mean the same thing?
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Currently, it takes a lot of steps to make a group of lexemes have translations of each other. If, for example, I add cero as a translation of zero on the page for the English word, and the page for zero has a link to French, the translation from English to cero needs to be copied separately to French.

Could we have this simplified?

I propose applying the functionality of Wikidata items linking Wikipedia pages to lexemes.

What if we kept one item for the concept behind the word (defined as something like "the number representing no objects" or something like that), then linked to each lexeme that is a translation of it, like how a Wikidata item links different Wikipedia pages?

This would greatly improve the project's practical use, and save tons of time. There's already the property item for this sense (P5137), which could maybe used to initially link lexemes.