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Apply span tags with CSS classes/ids to the different elements of #firstHeading
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Author: svippy

A not entirely unlikely situation would be the need to apply a certain style to one's titles on pages, but also the concept of removing the namespace from the title, if it is already suggested by a different background colour or the users consider the layout to be decent enough.

Simply add some span tags with CSS classes. Here is a current category firstHeading:

<h1 style="" id="firstHeading" class="firstHeading">Category:Meta</h1>

Which would be preferably if it looked like this:

<h1 style="" id="firstHeading" class="firstHeading"><span class="firstHeading-namespace">Category</span><span class="firstHeading-separator">:</span><span class="firstHeading-pagetitle">Meta</span></h1>

So a simply case of CSS could happily get rid of 'Category:':

.ns-14 .firstHeading-namespace,
.ns-14 .firstHeading-separator {

display: none;


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Severity: enhancement



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