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Would it be possible to configure interwiki links towards

It is hosted by wikimedia and we'd like it to behave just like any regular project.

The interwiki tag could be [[:wikimedia:br:]] or [[:wm:br:]] for example.

The main wikis where this would matter are the portuguese language wikis: pt.*

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bugs wrote:

Hey Solstag. Interwiki links get requested on Meta, at [[m:Talk:Interwiki map]]. There is actually already an interwiki for [[br:chapter:Página principal]], but you can request another one on the Meta page ("wmbr" would be the format).

Thanks Casey, that solves the problem indeed!

I don't think we need a special interwiki link... br:chapter is ok :)

However, I did not know these ":chapter:" interwiki links were there.

I can't find any documentation about them on Meta. Maybe it ought to be written?

In any case, thanks for the tip!