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The blog is used by an user from fr-wikipedia who has been banned in 2014, Maitreidmry. The blog is used to harass a Wikipedian, Akeron (see last blog publications).

Please remove this blog RSS feed from

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@Jules78120: Hi, if you would like to make this configuration change, feel free to follow , clone the repository operations/puppet, and edit the file puppet/modules/planet/templates/feeds/fr_config.erb.

Thanks @Aklapper for the info! I will take a look, but I think it's a bit complicated for me (I never used Gerrit).

Change 592438 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson; owner: Dereckson):
[operations/puppet@production] Prune JMT blog from

@Jules78120 Could you edit the task description and add a link to the discussion on where you concluded it would be needed to remove this entry? That doesn't require a format RFC, but it should be traceable to the relevant discussion.

I think the link already in the description pointing to the Sockpupett investigation is sufficient, as the user is banned and uses this blog to harass another Wikipedian.

A discussion to explicitly remove the feed. Note there is also a CNIL discussion on the talk page on the page you've linked, so perhaps open there a new section would be relevant.

If being banned from fr-wp and using a blog to harass is not sufficient (…), I will indeed create a discussion on fr.wp. I don't mean to be rude, but this is non-sense.

@Jules78120 Please consider we have no context for this and if we'd start removing blogs based on requests without discussion then it would also mean it could be abused and next thing we could have the other side in a conflict request the same leading to "edit wars". I am sure it is all obvious to you but for me for example I can't judge who is harassing who and whether this is even the same person as on the wiki and I'm also not a native French speaker. That's why i asked for help. As technical people we would like to stay out of making that judgement call and rather rely on existing discussions or somebody who is doing this full time (maybe T&S team).

I understand what you say. But consider that having to use a lot of energy and time to fight banned users (and especially when there is harassment or something close) is exhausting.

I created a discussion on fr-wp sysops noticeboard.

Change 592438 merged by Dzahn:
[operations/puppet@production] Prune JMT blog from

@Jules78120 Thank you. I saw the replies and merged the change. The blog has been removed now.

Hi @Dzahn, thanks for removing.
As this could happen again, it might be better to start by not allowing this kind of disposable account out of nowhere to be automatically indexed on request.

@Akeron There is no automatic indexing. Wiki users and blogs being added to planet are totally separate. I don't know when it was added but we could find out in git log. It is unrelated to wiki user creations though.

@Dzahn Sorry, my message was not clear. I know how adding blogs is done on metawiki. What I meant to say is that the banned user just had to create a disposable account to index his blog It would probably be useful not to accept all these requests almost automatically, rather to filter the requests. For example according to the seniority of the user who made the request or that of the blog (in this case both were new).

Currently anyone can create a new account and a new blog in a few minutes, then get indexed on request and gain high visibility. However, to withdraw it, you require a community consensus. I think it is this imbalance that makes harassment easier.

@Akeron: You imply that requests are accepted almost automatically. Which (recent) information is your statement based on?

For the records:

I was thinking mainly of this example and the fact that community discussion is not requested for the addition, unlike the withdrawal.

Thanks for finding that Andre!

@Akeron Sorry, i don't really have a relation to the on-wiki part of this. Actually what is happening is already basically what you suggested. Another user (in this case Amir) suggests to me to add it and then i merge it in Gerrit based on the seniority / reputation of the one requesting it and whether I see Wikimedia-related content on it. It's really not "almost automatic". Also, this specific blog has been in planet for 5 years, it wasn't added just a few weeks ago. So i guess most of the harassment you are talking about happened afterwards. As a technical user i am trying to stay out of the on-wiki discussion. I see your point though, feel free to bring that up on meta if you think there should be stricter checking. I would like to point out though that this is the only case in years where a removal was needed that wasn't due to just technical reasons.