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Client Wikibase does not fetch some labels in
Closed, DuplicatePublicBUG REPORT


Steps to Reproduce:

  • Testing for in the debug console of any Lua module.
  • mw.wikibase.getLabel('Q4')
    • actual result: nil
    • expected: mort, or in fallback languages mòrt in Occitan or death in English
  • mw.wikibase.getLabelWithLang('Q4')
    • actual result: nil nil
    • expected: mort ca
  • mw.wikibase.getLabelByLang('Q4', 'ca')
    • actual result: mort
    • expected: mort

This seems to happen with random items of Wikidata. Reported early this morning in different infoboxes powered with Wikidata. Maybe related with T251157.