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To change the name of the language in interwikis from "Azərbaycan" to "Azərbaycanca"
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Author: el_gun

Hi, I'm the administrator of Azerbaijani Wikipedia [ (''check'')]. I want to ask you to change the name of our language in interwikis from "Azərbaycan" to "Azərbaycanca". That's the common request of our users. But we have decided not to take voting. It's necessary?

Version: 1.17.x
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It is not a question of a vote but of a source why the native name should be changed. Can you provide such a source please?

el_gun wrote:

Because "Azərbaycan" is the name of our country, but "Azərbaycanca" means "Azerbaijani". Furthermore we use "Azərbaycan dili" which also means "Azerbaijani language".

el_gun wrote:

But "Azərbaycan dili" is too long, so we decided to use "Azərbaycanca".

Changed with r65758. This will go live on all Wikimedia projects with the next software sync in a few weeks.

el_gun wrote:

Thank you for assistance.

Yes. It can take a few weeks/months due to the code review process. It is changed in the codebase and will not be lost.