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texvc renders sim relation as tilde in html
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Author: cbm.wikipedia

In HTML output, Texvc renders the \sim character as a tilde. This leads to output like that at the bottom of the section 'Simple example' in the following link (make sure your preferences are set so the math shows up as HTML)

This looks bad because the tilde in many text fonts is set very high above the baseline, not in the middle of the line like a binary operator should be.

Examining the HTML output shows that the \sim really is rendered as a tilde there.

The TeX "sim" operator should be rendered as the "sim" entity, ∼. This is an HTML 4.0 entity and so it should be supported pretty much everywhere.

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Severity: enhancement



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cbm.wikipedia wrote:

I was incorrect: when I checked the actual bytes, I found Texvc is currently rendering the tilde as Unicode U+02DC, "small tilde". No wonder it looks so bad.

Actually it used the entity ˜ where it should of used ∼ Both are HTML 4 entities according to wikipedia.

Fixed in r65893