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redirected Q & deleted P Not Consistant in the json dump and web front end
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Hello, we find an inconsistancy issue. More than one wikidata is affected. Below is one of the examples.
Steps to Reproduce:

In the same field of Q6974 (claims->P279->mainsnak->datavalue->value->id),
Q6974 in the lastest-all.json generated on 08-Jul-2020 08:38 has Q60023871.
Q6974 on the website( has Q22956329) has Q22956329.
Q60023871 is redirected to Q22956329.
The data in the json file is outdated although we fetched the latest version of latest-all.json.bz2

Actual Results:
In the lastest-all.json in 08-Jul-2020 08:38, Q6974 has the outdated Q60023871.
And Q60023871 is not in the lastest-all.json itself.

Expected Results:
They should be the same. In the json file, we should have the latest redirected Qs in the property field. i.e. Q6974 should have Q22956329 instead of Q60023871.

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