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Toolsadmin (Striker) login and account recovery feature requests
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I feel really stupid but that's what happened.

I went to the ToolForge registration page: and registered with my WikiMedia account. The login name was auto-generated so I quickly looked and went further.
You'll see later why it's important: when I've completed the registration process, there was no email to confirm my altered email address or just about registration success (yes, I wanted to celebrate).

When I tried to login here: I realized that I remember my password perfectly but I'm not sure if the login was with a space character, an underscore, without anything... And there is no trace where I could look it up. What do I do in such a situation? Trying to register again requires me to create another WikiMedia account which not something I wish to do.

I eventually found the character I was unsure about but:

  • the missing login recovery procedure is an issue
  • also, it might be useful to be able to
    • login with an email associated to account
    • and to have a registration email received in the inbox
    • and to be able to use a password recovery link at the login page (there is no such).

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The password recovery feature is tracked at T174469: LDAP account that is not attached on wikitech has no means for password reset.

The long term hope is that authentication to Striker becomes OAuth rather than manually logging as a Developer account. If we did add account creation emails I think it would also be reasonable for that to add a step to the account creation process where new accounts were marked as inactive somehow until an email validation step was completed. Major changes to account creation are not very likely however. More likely is that Developer account creation will move to another tool (T179463: Create a single application to provision and manage developer (LDAP) accounts).