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Tag hooks are not always called on index pages
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Author: lars

Screenshot on June 28, 2010

When the <pagelist> tag is used in an Index: page, it normally produces a list of pages. But sometimes, without any apparent reason or cause, the Index: page instead displays the <pagelist> tag (as if it had been enclosed in a <nowiki> tag). When this happens, any transcluded pages (that use the <pages> tag) lose their tab linking to the source document (the Index: page).

A work-around is to save a null edit (adding or removing some whitespace) of the Index page.

This bug was observed on June 27, 2010, onÖstgötars_minne.djvu

and on June 28, 2010, onålif.djvu

Version: unspecified
Severity: major


pagelist_tag_displayed.png (742×1 px, 426 KB)



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thomasV1 wrote:

This was observed for "section tags as well. It seems to be a caching problem.
The index page is parsed without extension tags, everytime headers are produced with <pages headers=1/>. I think that the result is added to the parser cache, which causes the bug.

thomasV1 wrote:

this bug seems to have been fixed with the last code update.
I'll close it for now. reopen it if you see it again.