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Expanded URLs should not be generated at server
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Author: tom

Expanded URLs in parentheses generated for printing after external links (but only when the link text
isn't the URL) should be a purely client-side business.

These URLs are currently outputted as plain text, which has accessibility side-effects - I doubt many
screen-reader users want to hear the URL of every external link in the page.

They should be generated on the client via CSS, using:

element:after { content: " (" attr(href) ") "; }

IE/win however doesn't support generated content, so it can have some JS (already written) to do the same

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tom wrote:

To do this, the current thinking is to have 3 different CSS classes for external links:

  • One for external links with custom text
    • generated by "[ moo]", displayed as "moo"
    • should be printed as "moo ("
  • One for external links where the link text is the same as the URL
    • generated by "" or "[]"
    • should be printed as ""
  • One for external links that are autonumbers
    • generated by "[]", displayed as "[1]"
    • should be printed as something like "[]"

mpt wrote:

IE/win however doesn't support generated content

IE/Win does, however, have the option of printing each link
as an endnote, with a table of link URIs at the end of the
page. So there's no need to reimplement this server-side
just for IE/Win.

tom wrote:

Patch to move URL expantion to CSS (or JS for IE)

Here's a patch which seems to work, would appreciate it if someone could review
it (as I don't have all that much faith in my coding...).

It uses generated content for browsers which support it, or JS in IEFixes.js
with onbeforeprint/onafterprint.

attachment external-link-class.patch ignored as obsolete

tom wrote:

New patch, serveral fixes

Updated patch: use "free" (not URL) as class when autonumber is disabled;
remove suppressUrlExpansion from Skins (not needed anymore)

attachment phase3.patch ignored as obsolete

tom wrote:

Patch take 3: remove all instances of .urlexpansion in CSS

attachment phase3.patch ignored as obsolete

rowan.collins wrote:

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