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Upload Wizard on Commons timing out with image in queue
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Trying to upload a 18 MB JPEG file to Commons via the Upload Wizard at

Issue: The first time, it was always displayed as in the queue, but no progress was made. I aborted the upload; the second time, it was for a while in the queue, then a message "The server did not respond within the expected time" appeared. The third time, I immediately got that "The server did not respond within the expected time" message after trying to upload.

Other user confirms having same issue, see:

Browser used: Firefox 82.0.2

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I've now managed to upload that image quickly using the old ("classic") form at - it's File:Amanz Gressly plaque Laufen.jpg -, after the Upload Wizard still responded with a timeout ("The server did not respond within the expected time") when I tried it again, so it does look Upload Wizard specific to me, or specific to the way the Wizard is using for uploads.

I also was able to upload a different, smaller JPEG file (5 MB) with the Upload Wizard right now; but normally, 18 MB shouldn't be an unreasonable size for the wizard that is supposed to handle much larger files easily...

There's problem in last step ... sometime few files last "in queue". And its so confusing!

(file size about 10-12 mb, jpgs)

Only "remove from queue" helps ...

Hi, does anything appear in the network or console tab of the Developer Tools of your web browser when this happens?

Hi Aklapper,
so, for each rotation of file there was about 700 warnings and few errors (problem with err 404 .../Special:UploadStash/...).


Please provide warnings if they are related, and the full 404 URL.

Unfortunately (but i like this :) ) – it is ok now.

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 13 2021, 5:58 PM

Can anyone still reproduce and also provide specific error output from the browser's error and network consoles?

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