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[[Special:Recentchanges]] major changes display behaviour
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The [[Special:Recentchanges]] special page on the pl.wikipedia installation of MediaWiki behaves inconsistently when displaying changes exceeding 1000 bytes of text. Decreasing the amount of text on the page returns a figure with a space bar after the thousand mark, as in:

(różn. | hist.) . . Wikipedia:Przyznawanie uprawnień/Przykuta‎; 22:37 . . (-1 233) . . Wpedzich (dyskusja | edycje | zablokuj) (sorry za zamieszanie :P)

...while oncreasing the size of the page returns a result with no space after the thousand digit.

(różn. | hist.) . . Wikipedia:Przyznawanie uprawnień/Przykuta‎; 22:37 . . (+1233) . . Wpedzich (dyskusja | edycje | zablokuj) (→Za: ) [cofnij]

There's been no discussion on the project, but a consistent display of numbers would be appreciated, preferably with the thousands (and millions?) separated by a space bar, as in the first example above.

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jeluf wrote:

This behaviour comes from LanguagePl.php

if (!preg_match('/^\d{1,4}(.\d+)?$/',$_)) {

in function commafy()