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Suggestion for adding more commands in README
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Last week I was helping a friend in local setup of the project. After going through the process I thought the commands related to example data generation ( and code formatting via black (docker-compose exec twlight /venv/bin/black -t py37 /app/TWLight) should be present in the main README.

I thought this way because example data generation command is too common which should be ran at first time setup whereas code formatting command is one which new contributors miss very often and their pull request fails because of this.

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Perhaps this should be documented at, with that page linked more prominently from the main README? :)

Yes! definitely that will be a better place :)

I want to ask one thing to make changes in the wiki , do I need to fork it seperately?

It looks like there's no way to make a pull request or suggested edit on the Wiki. I'll make these changes soon, don't worry about this one Yash :)