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Mismatch between field value and value seen by code when adding images
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Try to add an image to a Wikidata item without a mouse:

  • go to "add a statement" and click it
  • in the property field select P18 (image)
  • in the filename field, add a commons file name with namespace ("File:Troita autentica.JPG")
  • without selecting any of the suggestions, press Enter

At this point, the user gets an error message about the filename containing invalid characters. It also appeared as if the namespace is removed automatically, but further investigation seems to suggest I accidentally selected the first suggestion given by the software.

The behavior so far is acceptable, although ideally I would have expected to be able to save the value if the namespace has been removed. However, if I press Enter again, the "publish" link behaves as if it has been pressed again but the error does not disapear (I expect that actually another error is generated, not quite sure).

What should happen: when the field does not contain a namespace, the page is saved when pressing Enter regardless of previous state

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