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Gender gap evolution trends
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While current gender gap statistics are useful, users requested to be able to view how they have changed over time to get insights about community efforts.

  • Provide Monthly, weekly and yearly tracking of article creation and article deletions

Use Cases:

  • As a editor, I want to to track article deletions ( 24hrs - week, to 3 months after creation ) mapped by gender to try and keep articles of underrepresented groups from being deleted.
  • As a researcher, I want to see an all up view of additions and deletions over time, mapped with editathons and events
  • As a editor, I want to view evolution of gendered content representation on Wikidata.
  • As a Wikiproject representative, I want to measure the evolution from one point to next time, and be able to look data from specific years.

Verbatim - "I want to track deletions to make a strong argument of how knowledge is being suppressed." - Researcher

Want to learn more? Find our user research report on Wikimedia Commons.
User Research Report Link

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