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Consider running Lingua Libre Bot on Toolforge
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It may be interresting (and beneficial?) to study the feasability and perks of running Lingua Libre Bot on Toolforge (instead of Wikimédia France servers).

  • Get a server access and space on toolforge for lingualibre.

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I had a look at Toolforge's documentation.

Indeed, that seems like a nice place to host the bot. We can schedule pretty much everything we want, and jobs are queued in the event of a higher load on Wikimedia Cloud Services.

I'll just need to setup myself a Wikimedia Developer account. Since I don't want my current email adress to go public, it'll take a few days until I can get a "custom" mail address that would be dedicated to that purpose. Either way, we have plenty of time ahead of us.

Nintendofan885 renamed this task from Consider running Lingua Libre Bot to the Toolforge to Consider running Lingua Libre Bot on Toolforge.Apr 10 2021, 9:55 AM

The bot is now installed on Toolforge.

There's also a "deployment" changelog here:

While the bot is installed on Toolforge and already due to execute every day at 2AM, it will not be "working" properly over the next few days, since I need some more practice to get used to Toolforge and Kubernetes. It's therefore running in "dryrun mode", which means that while it actually queries stuff from Lili and computes other stuff, it won't apply the changes on the wikis.

I'm considering this issue as resolved. Lilibot will rise for its ashes any time soon.