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Integrating diffs and oldids into the interwiki map
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Could you enable diff numbers and oldid revision numbers into the interwiki prefixes for both normal and secure servers, and allow it to be available under the fullurl function as well? There is a link to the discussion above.

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both normal and secure servers

The secure server is running the same code as the non-secure server. Any configuration change of this type will be done for both automatically, no need to mention that specifically. However with that said, unless this uses relative links, this probably won't work as expected on secure server.

allow it to be available under the fullurl function as well

What do you mean by that? fullurl is a parser function that gives the full url of a page. I don't see what you want done there.

There is a link to the discussion above.

Thats not exactly consensus (although it is not non-consensus, more just nobody caring)... OTOH this might be an interesting thing to add to the default mediawiki interwiki map.

Just my 2 cents.

Marking as RESOLVED WORKSFORME: An acceptable workaround now exists to achieve a similar outcome. Specifically the following changes:

have rendered this request fairly moot with the introduction of two special pages, [[Special:PermanentLink]] and [[Special:Diff]], which have their own special link syntax.