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Request creation of dbbackups-dashboard VPS project
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Project Name: dbbackups-dashboard
Wikitech Usernames of requestors: Jcrespo (@jcrespo) on behalf of Marostegui (@Marostegui ) and H.krishna123 (@h.krishna)

Purpose: development/staging of the GSOC'21 project T279552 before production deployment

Brief description: Like last year, I would like to provide the student (@h.krishna) with virtual hardware for testing the development of the database backups dashboard he proposed. He will be using a standard LAMP stack with the "P" meaning here Python3/Flask. While this normally could live in Toolforge for deployment purposes, we need for testing and deployment purposes a root vps as this will be eventually be deployed to the production network, thus needing puppet and dependencies figured out for it. If this was to be for mere final deployment, it could indeed live on Toolforge, but it has to be deployed to production to retrieve production backups info. Unlike last year, however, we will only need the smallest single (1) image where we can fit a web server and a flask installation + a small mariadb server, so very low resources. This will only be active for 4 months, until August 31, after that, we will request to shutdown all VMs and close the project.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: GSOC development will start officially on June 7. It would be nice if we could have it before that so the student gets familiarized with WMCS VPS management.