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"oldest" and "500" links interact poorly in Special:Contribution list
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Repeat by:

  1. Go to Special:Contributions for a user with more than 500 contributions (say,
  2. Click the "oldest" link at the top, which gets you to, showing the default 50 items.
  3. Click the "500" link. This gets you to, which still shows 50 items.

Expected result: you should be looking at the oldest 500 items.

If you traverse the path in the opposite way, i.e. clicking "500", then clicking "oldest", you get to which does indeed show the expected result.

Event Timeline

This is expected behavior. Going to oldest means that you select a date and everything older than that. As you had previously selected 50 items older than date X, searching for 500 items older than X will still display only those 50 items that exist.