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feature request new variables
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Author: gangleri

shows an template supposed to be used to provide a link
to "Whatlinkshere" at a place where <nowiki>{{PAGENAMEE}}
</nowiki> can not be used as refference, because it relates to
another page.

It is not the inconvenience to replace the spaces with
underscores in particular cases. It is mainly the need to use
this template itself in another template where "pagenames" should
not be used in two versions (with "spaces" and
with "underscores").

This is why it we should think together
what "additional" "variables" (I would prefer to say "functions"
because they are used with the "template method") are neccessary
in the future and how they can be used.

a) A "function" {{PAGENAMEE|foo}} (or however it should be
called) would satisfy the request for

b) I identified more "variables", usefull but not available at
the moment:
b1) subdomain: this would be "fr" for [[🇫🇷]], "ja" for
[[:ja:]], "meta" for [[meta:]], "test" for [[test:]], "bugzilla"
for etc.
b2) domain (project): this would be "" for
[[wikiquote:]], "" for
[[wiktionary:]], "" for [[meta:]], ""
for etc.

Thinking about timestamps I want to address the following:
There are many aspects how Wikipedia is "working" today.

c1) There is the timestamp, when an "object" has been saved last
time. <nowiki>"~~~~~"</nowiki> can be used in this context.
c2) There is the timestamp, when an "object" has been purged last
time from cache. To my knowledge this timestamp can not be seen.
It would help to see that templates have changed, objects linked
already here have been defined in between (categories,
articles ...)
c3) There is an actual timestamp. The question to support it or
not is another question.
Related to this it maight be an option to show c1) and c2) below
<nowiki>{{int:fromwikipedia}}</nowiki> "in a trace mode"
available for sysops, or together with a new action.

I pointed some of these items at [[User talk:IMSoP#appendix 3]].

There "random, min, max" {{RANDOM|min|max}} is specified also. I
specified it there because I would say it belongs to my "personal
patterns". You may have a different approch on this. To my
opinion different (parts) of the content could be represented
randomly. But the discussion about this should not be here.

Regards Reinhardt

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


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gangleri wrote:


At [[:fr:Utilisateur:Gangleri/tests/02]] you can see that {{{1}}} is
handeled differently:

a) in "Historique" it is part of the "localurl:" (before "|") and spaces
are replaced by "_"
b) in "Pages liées" it is part of the "localurl:-parameter" (after "|")
spaces are NOT replaced by "_"

Regards Reinhardt

robchur wrote:

Colour me confused.