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Wiki link not displaying correctly if surrounded by <H1> </H1> tags
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Author: project2501a

I was playing around with the sandbox, so, i thought i'd add an "in soviet
russia" heading. and i did. here's the html text:
<H1>[[Sandbox]] EDITS YOU!!!</H1>
it's section 6 (currently) in the sandbox article page. Once saved, the wiki
link does not display correctly. it does, though in the test page

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project2501a wrote:

excuse me, i meant /s/test/talk/ :) my apologies

rowan.collins wrote:

  1. you shouldn't use HTML when editing wiki-pages, you should use the equivalent

wiki syntax (in this case =Heading=)

  1. first-level headings are rarely used anyway, because they're reserved for the

title of the page

  1. you were editing the wrong page: "Sandbox" should be an article about the

term "sandbox"; you were looking for [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]]. (This threw me for a
while: I couldn't find your edits!)

  1. the reason the link doesn't show up as a link, is because it is a

*self-reference*. Links from an article to itself are styled as bold, because
there is no genuine use for a self-link of this kind. This explains why it
worked "on the talk page" - there, "[[Sandbox]]" is not a self-reference; if you
tried "[[Talk:Sandbox]]", the same thing would happen.

Thank you for taking the trouble to submit this bug, and sorry for the
misunderstandings that caused you to go to the trouble.

While annoying, that should be perfectly valid -- and in fact it is.

The reason it didn't work in this case is that you gave a link to the
page you were editing; self-links are special-cased to display as bold
text and *not* be a link.