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Batch Upload for The Dial
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Dec 23 2021, 10:32 PM
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Jan 7 2022, 12:01 AM
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Dec 23 2021, 10:32 PM


Adding another one. This one seems to have become quite popular in the MC.

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Updated to include 1926 volumes. Also 1926 volumes of Atlantic monthly, Blackwood, and Strand.

PD-old should be PD-old-expired|country=US for the US magazines, I think.

Also the years are off by one somehow at least around volume 32.

Also the non-US 1926 works cannot go to Commons, they should use to_ws and the associated parameters.

I think I fixed all the issues. I choose 2126 as the safe date to move the files to Commons because I assume that everyone who wrote in 1926 would have been dead + 70 by then.

I think 2126 is a little bit on the cautious side. Commons sets 150 years (i.e. 1871 right now) as their cut-off for collective works without needing to actually check ( I.e. they assume the chances that someone live 80 years after writing is low enough to be an acceptable risk. So that would be 1926 + 150 + 1 = 2077.

Also, it can be lowered by 30 years with the research to check all the authors. Which actually would not be so hard "one day" if every article has a Wikidata item with author properties.

Good to know. I'll make use this formula in the future. Sheet updated.

Inductiveload claimed this task.

These are all uploaded and indexes created (but not pagelisted)