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special:prefixindex puts input box on another page when transcluded with no arguments.
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IF you put {{special:prefixindex}} on a page, you're presented with a box asking you for the prefix. I think in the case where its included, it makes more sense to not have the input box, and just display all pages as if the empty string was the prefix.

Also the allpages link in upper-right corner of is probably misnamed, now that doing special:prefixindex by itself doesn't show all pages. (maybe there should be a parameter to actually show all pages in that case or something, or maybe the message should be removed).

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salvatore.ingala wrote:

Proposed patch

The patch changes two things:

  • Assume empty prefix when transcluded, as Bawolff suggested
  • Remove the "All pages" link in the upper-right corner, which doesn't seem to be of any use

The root of the patch is the phase3 folder.


Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Thanks for the patch. Applied in r88084.