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Two tweaks for labels in config/index.php
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Author: foenyx

the first one, is to display the memlimit alert "if it is too low, installation
may fail!" only if the Attempt to raise limit to 20M fails ($memlimit seems too
low, installation may fail!)

the second one is to change "Sysop account name:" into
"Sysop account name:" so it's stay on the same line than it's field.
Else the "name:" land front of the password field (quiet confusing, imho)

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement


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Increase test coverage for utils.js. Also fix a couple of bugs:repos/abstract-wiki/wikifunctions/function-orchestrator!24apineapine-mock-utilsmain
Customize query in GitLab

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foenyx wrote:

small patch proposed for this bug


I'm not sure about the   ... if that's a problem perhaps the styles need to be fixed with an appropriate
clear: setting.

Committed the memory_limit part in r19317.