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Collection extension doesn't sort chapters when the user clicks on "Sort alphabetically"
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If you go to [[b:Special:Book]] and use the button to create some chapters in the order you want them in your book, e.g.:

* Glossary of Biology/A
* Glossary of Biology/B
* ...
* Glossary of Biology/Z

you will get the chapters in reverse order:

;Glossary of Biology/Z
;Glossary of Biology/B
;Glossary of Biology/A

Since T30060 is not fixed yet, when you start adding your chapters you may think
"Hmm, there is a problem, but I think I can insert all chapters and then get the correct order using this button which sort things alphabetically..."
so you continues your work and then, when you click on "Sort alphabetically" expecting some magic to happen: ...nothing! Oddly enough, your 26 chapters are still there, in the reverse order and you will need to fix the order by hand.

Could someone fix this?

Some options were suggested in the url given above.

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(In reply to comment #0)

Some options were suggested in the url given above.

For example, the link "Sort alphabetically" could be changed to

Sort alphabetically: [ ] chapters / [x] articles

In this way, the user could see what will happens when clicking the link, and also could set what exactly he wants:

  • Sort the articles inside each chapter (but not move an article from one chapter to another)
  • Sort the chapters (without changing the order of the articles inside of them)
  • Sort both the chapters and articles inside chapters (but not moving an article from one chapter to another)

A similar checkbox would be interesting when using "drag & drop": it would allow the user to move a whole chapter (together with its articles) from one position to another in the book. This could be achieved by adding an option like

  • move articles and chapters together

in some place... See Bug 28063.

Is this still an issue? Marking as "enhancement" now to provide more sorting options.

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Yes. No one fixed this bug yet.


It does not even sort chapters for me...

Yah... That is what this bug is all about ;-)

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