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Create project tag for Wikinews
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Name of the project tag: Wikinews

Type of project: Component

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Project encompassing everything that is Wikinews.

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I'm very reluctant about this; see T154549#2916179. Who would use it and how, and for what, and especially for what not?

Though there is no guarantee to be implemented, Refinement of MediaWiki to meet the needs of the Wikinews project (news writing and approval, feed, DynamicPageList, RSS) on Community Wishlist Survey 2022 suggests some tasks to the developers. To organize the suggestion and split it to smaller tasks, and make it easy to find out any Wikinews related tasks for people interested, there should be a way to tracking.

I've read the comment you linked and agree it. Feel free to reject this, because creating a tracking task is also possible. Thank you.

@Lens0021: If this will be a definite list of tasks which all could be declared "resolved" at some point, then whoever works on this could create an Epic task with smaller subtasks to break up the work, and tag tasks with the corresponding "code base" project tags (maybe that be DynamicPageList (Wikimedia) or MediaWiki-extensions-RSS or whatever is involved). I don't see (yet?) how this would be different from working on T287380?
However, "now the news feed for broadcasting to social networks is not being formed" could be a specific problem, if someone managed to phrase an actual problem and investigate in a more technical way.