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"%0a" in URL is matched as a new-line
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Author: rowan.collins

As you should be able to see, everything below the section of discussion
referenced, including other headers, is indented as though it were prefixed with
"::". It turns out that there is a URL referenced there which ends in "%0a"
(i.e. an escaped linefeed), and this is somehow breaking the parser;
specifically, the indentation of that particular line is never closed, so
everything below it is indented to the same degree.

I've constructed a simplified test-case at,
and it seems that what's happening is that the "%0a" is being unescaped in the
'title' attribute, and then the closing "</dd></dl>" added *to that attribute*.
Presumably, the parser is spotting what is now a plain newline and taking it to
be the end of the indentation.

I'm guessing there's code somewhere that unescapes such escape sequences to make
URL title attributes more readable [the href attribute works fine]; perhaps this
needs to be confined to only unescape printable characters?

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Severity: minor


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zigger wrote:

Is this a duplicate of bug 752 ?
( seems to be offline)

rowan.collins wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Is this a duplicate of bug 752 ?

Ah yes, so it is - I wonder why I didn't find that when searching...

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 752 ***