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Edit API redirect following
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redirect Automatically resolve redirects.

If only..
Feature summary:
I need that to actually work. Because when I try it just returns redirect-appendonly: You have attempted to edit using the redirect-following mode, which must be used in conjunction with section=new, prependtext, or appendtext.

I can see how this might prevent some accidental disruption (or DOES it? if you enabled redirect following you presumably know what you're doing!), but it's actually exactly what I wanted. I want to override this error.

Use case(s):
I'm editing a page on various wikis titled "Project:GUS2Wiki". If I could follow redirects a local community could move the page and it would still get edited at its new location.

In this particular case I could technically use Wikidata, but a Wikidata item isn't always going to be available or complete or not vandalized and frankly, just following a redirect is SO much simpler.

I'm going to put another API call in my script now to search the wikitext for "#REDIRECT". This is not fun.

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Never mind, the additional API call turned out to be useful to restrict how often the page is updated. So no longer an issue for me.