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extra line added to repeated templates
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Author: tomasz.sienicki

If a template is used more than once in an article, and extra line is added
after each of the repeated templates.

An example of this can be seen here:

This bug was intruduced with the upgrade to 1.4beta3 and broke the layout in
thousands of pages in the Polish Wiktionary (so hopefully a solution can be
found soon).

Observed in Firefox/Linux and IE/Windows.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Tag 0.103.5repos/cloud/toolforge/tools-webservice!32taavitaavi/tagmain
Drop Grid Engine supportrepos/cloud/toolforge/disable-tool!18taavigridmaster
Remove grid engine supportrepos/cloud/toolforge/tools-webservice!31taavitaavi/remove-gridmain
Customize query in GitLab

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tomasz.sienicki wrote:

Typo, should be: "an extra line is added", not "and extra line..."

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 2094 ***