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Default template parameters do not appear to work anymore.
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Author: antibear

According to m:Template, inserting a template parameter in three braces will
pull up a default value of whatever template is contained in the center two
braces. I used this to some effect in [[Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse]]. This
feature no longer appears to work. Instead, parameters show as plain text.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal
Platform: PC



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rowan.collins wrote:

This was a case of exploiting a bug rather than using a deliberate feature:
undefined parameters were at one stage [mis]interpretted as nested templates, so
that a template containing "{{{1}}}" called with no unnamed arguments would
instead interpret this as "{{Template:1}}" (Or possibly
"{"+"{{Template:1}}"+"}", I forget). Some people took advantage of this as a
method of creating "default parameters", but this was only ever a hack: to use
it properly, every template parameter would have to have a globally unique name,
such as "{{{common name of plant species}}}" rather than the much more natural
"{{{common name}}}".

I'm marking this bug as WONTFIX because it's asking for a previous bug to be
reintroduced just so it can be used in what is anyway a non-ideal hack.
Meanwhile, bug 364 is a request for / discussion about a "proper" way of doing
default template parameters.

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