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#redirect [[lemma#sublemma]] does not work
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Author: kleine_matthias

When using redirects of the form

#redirect [[lemma#sublemma]]

you will not be redirected to the sublemma, but only to the top of the lemma page.

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Severity: enhancement


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rowan.collins wrote:

This is not so much a bug, as a feature which has not been written yet - a
redirect allows one page to redirect to another, with an appropriate notice
leading you back. One good reason no-one has extended this to redirect to *part
of* a page is that it's not clear where the "Redirected from ..." notice would
go in such a case. Other concerns include the changeability of section names (if
you alter the heading, however subtly, all links to it break) and the fact that
sections, by definition, aren't structured articles, so the reader might be
presented with a screen of text which doesn't really make sense on its own (or
without scrolling back up to the top of the article anyway).

There's probably a duplicate bug report about this somewhere, but I'm too tired
to hunt it out.

There has also been discussion of the ability to add a message to be displayed
when the redirect is followed (e.g. in this case you could say "Sublemmas are
dealt with in the section entitled sublemma"). But I can't find a
bug here discussing that, either.

rowan.collins wrote:

Just for reference, I found a RFE on the old sourceforge tracker:
See also
for a feature that isn't entirely related, but might be extendable to add a
special message pointing to a sub-section.

rowan.collins wrote:

Ah; somebody's pointed out an older, WONTFIXed, report talking about this, so
I'm going to mark this as a dupe.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 218 ***