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Make YARN web interface work with both primary and standby resourcemanager
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We have a web interface for YARN, which is available at

However, this only works when an-master1001.eqiad.wmnet is in the active role.

btullis@an-master1001:~$ sudo kerberos-run-command yarn /usr/bin/yarn rmadmin -getServiceState an-master1001-eqiad-wmnet

When the active resourcemanager is an-master1002.eqiad.wmnet the web interface automatically tries to redirect the incoming requests to http://an-master1002.eqiad.wmnet:8088

In addition to this, the alias only points to a single host, so when this host is unavailable, the YARN web UI is totally unavailable too. It would be nice if this we re highly-available.

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FI dns repo:

yarn             1D IN CNAME

With that dyna abstraction to be discussed with traffic team

; "" is the focal point of CNAMEs across all our zones for
; most cases that ultimately map to text-addrs.  By using longer-TTL CNAMEs
; pointing to the dynamic short-TTL entry here, we increase DNS cache hitrates
; in the general case across all languages/projects, especially when
; considering edns client subnet fragmentation.  Some exceptions still need
; their own DYNA record rather than a CNAME, such as zone root entries and any
; name which has other metadata alongside its addresses (e.g. MX, SPF, DMARC).
; ( was a better/previous choice, but it was moved here due to
; interactions with selective CN censorhsip at the DNS level)
dyna            600 IN DYNA geoip!text-addrs