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Copyright/Author credits missing when importing Commons file into Powerpoint
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Microsoft Powerpoint allows to search for pictures online and tries to give attribution. You can activate to use Creative Commons licensed pictures only. Pictures from Wikimedia Commons are shown and if you select one of them the attribution says: "Dieses Foto von Unbekannter Autor ist lizenziert gemäß CC-BY-SA" (This photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-SA). The License is given correctly and the source of the picture is linked, but the author can not be found, though there is an author in exif data, commons information fields and structured data. Can somebody on Wikimedia fix this?


If anybody is able to insert a correct license, please feel free to guide me there

What i did:

  1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint 365 (german)
  2. Go to "Einfügen"
  3. Go to "Bilder"
  4. Go to "Onlinebilder"
  5. Search for "Conchita Wurst" and several other Names (for example "Simen Tiller" File:20200223 FIS NC COC Eisenerz Simen Tiller 850 8328.jpg has exif tags)
  6. Select the first Picture (File:20140321 Conchita Wurst 4188.jpg)
  7. The program adds the Picture and the Attribution "Dieses Foto von Unbekannter Autor ist lizenziert gemäß CC-BY-SA".

I am not Unbekannter Autor (Unknown Author)

I expect Microsoft to give proper credit.


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Thanks! includes
"Artist":{"value":"<a href=\"//\" title=\"User:Ailura\">Ailura</a>","source":"commons-desc-page"}.

Could you please elaborate what makes you think that this is an issue to fix in Wikimedia Commons, and not in Microsoft Powerpoint?

I don't know "Artist" in the IPTC standard, see . Google also uses "Creator" an/or "Copyright notice" .

Microsoft gives our pictures to millions of reusers and they want to give credit, even for CC licensed images - this makes me think that Wikimedia developers should make this possible for the Commons Contributors.

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