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Would like the ability to list an article under multiple names in its categories
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Author: hb

For example, the S-300V is also known as the SA-10 and is in the category
"Surface-to-air missiles". I would like to be able to have it show up under both
common names. I don't think I can add a category to a #REDIRECT, can I? If so,
this would be sufficient. Otherwise, perhaps some new category syntax which
allows me to specify what name the page should show up as in the category. Then
I could do something like:

[[Category:Surface-to-air missiles|S-300V]] [[Category:Surface-to-air

I'm using whatever version wikipedia currently is; I think 1.4?


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


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gwalla wrote:

Adding a piped name to a category link just affects how the article is ordered
in the category (alphabetized by last name, for example). I think a more
flexible solution would be to allow category links on redirect pages.

gangleri wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 1476 ***

zigger wrote:

In 1.3 categories in redirects work. In 1.4 and later, they do not (bug 1476).

On category pages in 1.3, listed pages which are redirects already do not use
"redirect=no", i.e. clicking them automatically leads to an actual article
rather than to the redirect itself. The default listed name is the name of the
redirect page. All this seems good, and is a solution that was once available.

The "sort text" used with the category piping feature could be used for the
listed name on the category page, or another pipe parameter added. See bug 491.

This feature request also raises the option of listing multiple names for an
article, as categorising redirects cannot be done yet. Even if the
redirect-categorising feature returns, there may be cases where multi-listing is
useful without redirects. Repeated categories are not redisplayed on article
pages (see bug 934), but only one link is added to the link tables.

If someone finds a use for multiple names without redirects, re-open this bug
with a dependency on bug 491.

zigger wrote:

*** Bug 2688 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

gangleri wrote:

Please read bug 218 comment 15.
Bug 218: Redirects do not handle named anchors well