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Installation bugs and site insecure
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Author: mnikhil

When I tried to install mediawiki online there were so many bugs in the PHP code ,
PHP code looks (while installing)for UpperCase letters directories and where as the directories are
present in lower case, unless changed to (the directory names) uppercase , MediaWiki installation
does not move forward at all.

And the second thing , when I visited the page
and clicked on the edit link , and changed some entries, it did page can be
changed/defaced by anyone at anytime.
Please note that this page must be secure and should not edited unless one has an account to do so.

Hoping the best future of MediaWiki,

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
build: Build and publish arm64 images toorepos/abstract-wiki/wikifunctions/function-evaluator!28jforresterT336294main
Update airflow to version 2.6.3repos/data-engineering/airflow-dags!450btullisbump_airflow_hive_connectormain
build: Build and publish arm64 images toorepos/abstract-wiki/wikifunctions/function-orchestrator!32jforresterT336294main
trending: Fix various issue found in testingtoolforge-repos/ifttt!10bd808work/bd808/T336273-trendingmain
trending: Restore trending triggerstoolforge-repos/ifttt!9bd808work/bd808/T336273-trendingmain
Add "homepage" for Toolforge browsingtoolforge-repos/ifttt!8bd808work/bd808/T336212-homepagemain
use wildcard redirect for 2020th reportrepos/sre/miscweb/annualreport!4jeltowildcard-redirect-reportsmaster
Update airflow to version 2.6.1repos/data-engineering/airflow-dags!385btullisupdate_airflow_2_6main
Add generic ToolforgeClient and reuse for K8sClientrepos/cloud/toolforge/toolforge-weld!5dcaroadd_toolforge_clientmain
deploy-promote: make version matching regex less brittlerepos/releng/scap!138jnuchesimplify-regexmaster
deploy-promote: improve logging on page version checkrepos/releng/scap!136jnucheimprove-deploy-promote-loggingmaster
deploy-promote: fix parsing of non-self closing tag with wiki versionrepos/releng/scap!135jnuchefix-deploy-promotemaster
annualreport: update redirect for 2022 reportrepos/sre/miscweb/annualreport!3jeltolink-new-annual-reportmaster
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