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Account recovery help needed for Developer account [Oleksandr Tsyba (WMDE), oleksandr_tsyba_WMDE]
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I lost my auth device and have lost my 2FA token for logging into Wikitech, Gitlab and Phabricator using my Developer account. Please disable 2FA on my account]so that I can continue using my Developer account.

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$ ssh
$ ls -lh /home/oleksandrtsyba-wmde/2fa-reset-request.txt
-rw------- 1 oleksandrtsyba-wmde wikidev 42 May 10 18:10 /home/oleksandrtsyba-wmde/2fa-reset-request.txt
$ cat /home/oleksandrtsyba-wmde/2fa-reset-request.txt
$ ssh
$ mwscript extensions/OATHAuth/maintenance/disableOATHAuthForUser.php --wiki=labswiki 'Oleksandr Tsyba (WMDE)'
OATHAuth disabled for Oleksandr Tsyba (WMDE).

@oleksandr_tsyba_WMDE Please make a separate task for the Phabricator account. These are separate systems with separate folks who can make the required changes.